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University of Toronto Product Management Club


 What is Product Management? 

Do you ever wonder how products sell in the marketplace? Or how come your favorite artist is on the television, advertising the item you could see on a shopping stall, but didn't think of buying until now? That's a product manager's job. Simply put, product managers handle the product's presence in the market to persuade a person, like you, to take those items home.

A product manager, arguably, has one of the most rewarding, challenging, interesting, difficult, and important jobs in the business and technological industries. Combing a strong background and passion for technological innovation with business acumen - a product manager is born. 

A PM gets to step up and be a product leader for everyone on the team and throughout the company while learning how to influence and lead. Furthermore, a PM gets to work with talented engineering and development teams to crete products that delight customers, make a huge difference in customers' lives, and help achieve profits and strategic objectives that propel the company to succeed. 

  University of Toronto
Product Management Club Mission

The University of Toronto Product Management Club aims to encourage students interested in business, technology, and strategy to explore Product Management and support them on their journey / career path to becoming a successful PM by providing training and forming a community of like-minded strategic thinkers.


The purpose of the UofT Product Management Club is to form a community of students mutually interested in the role of product managers in the field of technology. Interest in Product Management is growing rapidly as it offers a unique integration of business, technology, and strategic decision making to those interested in technological innovation. The main areas of interest the club aims to explore are as follows:

How do products sell in the marketplace?

How is a product’s presence created in the market to persuade the customers?

What is a product lifecycle and how is a product taken from concept to market?

How are strategic decisions made that align product with the company’s corporate strategy?

How are the needs of the customer communicated to the Software Engineers and developers? 

How do Product Managers sit on the intersection of all these roles?

  Club Activities

Skill Building

Skill-building activities will focus on workshops, training sessions, and office hours like structure to introduce those new to product management to the skills necessary for the role. 

Career Developement

Career development aims at helping upper-year students to prepare for internships and full-time roles in the field. This will be done through resume workshops, interview preparation training, networking sessions, and more.

Learn from Masters

Learning from masters sessions will be a series of events that will run throughout the year inviting experienced Product Managers from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, and more. The purpose is to have seasoned PMs share their journey and unique insights with students. 

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Executive Team

The University of Toronto Product Management club is growing rapidly and we are looking to expand our team! If the purpose, mission, and the role of a Product Manager sounds intriguing to you - we invite you to come join us and share the message forward! 

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